Sunday, October 12, 2003

I just listened to a hell of a football game on Internet radio through KCFX in Kansas City. The Chiefs went into Lambeau, spotted the Pack 14 points, then scored twice to tie it at 14. The Packers ran the score up to 31-14, the Chiefs came back to tie it at 31, and then Green Bay kicked a field goal, and then the Chiefs tied it at 34 with one second left. Overtime. Chiefs win the toss, work the ball into place for a 50-yard Morten Anderson field goal try, and the Packers block the kick. They run their first play and fumble the ball; former Barcelona Dragon Mike Maslowski recovers for the Chiefs on the 49. Trent Green, on his first play, hits Eddie Kennison for a touchdown. Chiefs 40-Packers 34 and it's sudden death. I've never seen--well, heard--anything like it. The Chiefs are 6-0. Next week the Raiders. Geez, they're interviewing Vermeil and he's crying.

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