Thursday, October 02, 2003

I put up another post on EuroPundits. It's really pretty snotty and pedantic. My point is, though, that there is just too damn much substandard writing in the news media, especially so in the press, and really especially so in the Spanish press.

You really ought to check Gregg Easterbrook's blog on the New Republic. I like Easterbrook a lot, not only his political commentary and his scientific and technical articles--especially the ones on weapons and environmental issues--but his weekly pro football commentary on ESPN Page 2. See, I'm not a ridiculous reactionary! I like Gregg Easterbrook and Mark Steyn and Mickey Kaus and Andrew Sullivan and James Taranto and Glenn Reynolds, none of whom are paleoconservatives and three of whom are Democrats.

My only problem is that the name he's chosen is really dorky, spastic, nerdy, geeky, and retarded. "Every Morning Quarterback", a play on the name of his "Tuesday Morning Quarterback" football column, would have been much better. Oh, yeah, Easterbrook writes about sci-fi and comics a lot more than I would if I were he. That's really my only complaint.

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