Sunday, October 26, 2003

Intelligent Life in Spain Watch: Looking around El Periodico's website, I found this here collection of sixty opinions provided by local celebrities of one kind or another on the war in Iraq back in February. I'm not going to translate it all, but you guys might want to check it out if you can read Spanish. It's pretty scary to see how uninformed and stupid these people are; a lot like celebrities in the United States, I guess.

Remember P. J. O'Rourke's hierarchy of ratings for celebrity statements, as if they were movies? S stood for "silly", VS stood for "very silly", and SML stood for "Shirley McLaine". These are all good, solid SMLs.

Here are some of the better quotes from some of the better-known celebs:

Javier Clemente, soccer coach: "The Government is getting into something it shouldn't."
Laura Garcia Lorca, bearer of famous surnames: "Federico would demonstrate against the war."
Gay Mercader, concert promotor: "Bush thinks Sharon is a man of peace."
Baltasar Porcel, genius: "I won't go out in the street, I'll demonstrate through my writing."
Emilio Aragon, actor, professional clown: "You can't build democratic societies on fear."
Jose Ramon de la Morena, sports talk-show host: "Aznar is acting as Bush's spear-carrier."
Fernando Delgado, newsreader: "Preventive war is an attack against intelligence."
Mercedes Mila, reality-show host: "I feel closer to Chirac than Aznar."
Inaki Gabilondo, talk-show host: "Blair, Berlusconi, and Aznar are Old Europe."
Gemma Nierga, the Spanish Ricki or Rosie: "I would prefer a government in favor of dialogue."
Some guy I never heard of: "If you applaud the USA you are a genocidist by empathy."
Victor Manuel, singer: "There are hidden interests behind the buildup to war."
Luis Eduardo Aute, singer: "Uncle Sam hates it that his name rhymes with Saddam."
Concha Velasco, old bat: "I'm proud of (the Yank-bashing protest) at the Goya Awards."
Boris Izaguirre, Spain's Paul Lynde: "This is only good for imperialism."
Josep Maria Benet i Jornet, soap-opera scriptwriter: "Words are the only thing we have left against barbarism."
Coto Matamoros, convicted drug trafficker and reality-show personality: "I'll march against the war and against the government."

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