Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The boys over at HispaLibertas (check blogroll) have a humorous survey up for their readers. Choose only one answer. It follows, translated:

Q. When will Bush meet with Zapatero?

a) Very soon, Moratinos is such a slick diplomat
b) Very soon, when frogs grow hair
c) At 6 PM, according to the Greek calendar
d) The relationship is so close they don't even need to meet
e) Not for a long time. Let those Yankees wait.


10) Jenna accidentally threw away cocktail napkin with Zap's phone number on it in lipstick
9) Never actually falls for it when somebody writes "For a good time, call Zap, 867-5309" on a bathroom wall
8) Just totally turned off by those eyebrows
7) Too busy washing his hair
6) Occupied listening to new Junior Brown CD
5) Last date asked for money for his sister's operation
4) Thought it was just a one-night stand
3) Depressed over Dallas Cowboys' atrocious performance last week
2) His mama told him never to talk to strangers
1) "Call who?"

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