Tuesday, November 02, 2004

First things first. Of all things, I got invited back, so I'll be on TV3 again at around 9:30 or 10 AM tomorrow. So tune in. I'll either be happy or not, but what I won't be is very awake since we'll be up until at least three in the morning with the elections.

Everything in television land this morning was very professional, all the personnel were very nice, and Josep Cuní, the host, is intelligent and personable. He is clearly trying to inform rather than to do showbiz.

The other Americans were a mixed lot. One was, of all people, a former college professor of mine at the University of Kansas. I had her for 20th Century Spanish Literature in 1991; she's now working over here. There was a guy who's involved in the music industry who's fairly leftist but reasonable, an older woman who's Spanish but has worked with Americans for many years and has spent time there, and a fortyish woman who seemed to have some personal problems which were more important to her than the question of whether Bush or Kerry would make a better President. Everything was quite cordial, and the music industry guy and I (who had both obviously studied up) are going on again tomorrow for the aftermath.

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