Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Glorious Victory Portent of Bright Future Ahead

BARCELONA, November 3--FC Barcelona, led by its stars Ronaldinho and Etoo, convincingly came back to defeat AC Milan 2-1 Tuesday night before 90,000 spectators at the sold-out Camp Nou stadium in Champions' League soccer tournament play.

Milan's top-class squad, including Cafú, Kaká, Maldini, and Shevchenko, fell before a team that they had beaten soundly, 1-0, only two weeks ago in the last Champions' League match.

Etoo scored the first Barcelona goal in the 38th minute to tie the score 1-1, a volley off a cross by midfielder Xavi, and then two minutes before the final whistle Ronaldinho blasted home the tie-breaker from the edge of the area after beating two Milan defenders.

Barça will certainly pass to the second round of Champions' League play (two more first-round games remain), and must be considered a favorite to eventually take the Champions', Europe's most prestigious club soccer competition, in June 2005.

Barcelona has battled injuries all season, but has amassed an unbeaten record of 7-2-0 in Spanish league play and a very solid 3-0-1 in the Champions' League.

In other news Tuesday night...

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