Monday, November 01, 2004

Check out the following paragraph by Bjorn Lomborg from the Guardian.

Last word

First things first

Climate change doesn't mean the end of the world - yet. Bjørn Lomborg says we should focus on the areas where we can really make a difference

Thursday October 28, 2004
The Guardian

"In a world where we cannot deal with all the problems at the same time, we need to ask: what should we do first? This was the question answered by the Copenhagen Consensus, a project that brought together 38 of the world's top economists to set up a list of the global priorities. They looked at the main challenges to humanity, and the many solutions that we already have, analysing both their benefits but also their price tag. By using cost-benefit analysis the expert panel of economists found that HIV/Aids, hunger, free trade and malaria were the world's top priorities. Equally, the experts rated urgent responses to climate change extremely low. In fact, the panel called these ventures "bad projects", simply because they cost more than the good they do."

Precisely what I've been saying for years.

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