Saturday, February 05, 2005

Here's a letter to the editor from today's El Periódico signed Aladdin Maruf Alwali of Barcelona.

The elections in Iraq have shown what the people wants in its future: democracy and freedom; all of us united in civilized elections in order to build the new Iraq. The poor perspecitve offered by the media of communication about Iraqi affairs has also been demonstrated. The few of us Iraqis who live here have rarely heard or read anyone who understands the legitimate hopes of the people to put an end to dictatorship and terror. For a long time they have talked about a civil war--which we have not seen, nor will we see--, they talk about the "Iraqi resistance as if it were the French against the Nazis, and not as they are, the ex-executioners of the people supported by foreign extremists. And, also, now they talk about the Sunnis, as if they did not know they (the Sunnis) had also suffered from the dictatorship. I hope that free people will help enslaved peoples. If they cannot support us materially, at least they can encourage us. We will never forget the help that the free peoples have offered us, especially the Americans and the British.

Mr. Alwali, that was very eloquent. About all I can do from here is send you, and the people of Iraq, all my best wishes. Together we will change things.

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