Thursday, February 17, 2005

Well, I've been busy lately. Thanks to our friend Franco Alemán's mediation, I got a (very part-time) job translating for The Spain Herald, which is the English edition of Libertad Digital, the Spanish conservative news-and-politics website. (The link is in the blogroll on the left.) Every evening they send me one several-paragraph story and four one- or two-paragraph news briefs and I put them in English. It doesn't take long, forty-five minutes to an hour fifteen, or so. I don't translate the opinion stories; someone else does that. They did say I could submit opinion stuff, though, and yesterday they posted a little piece I reworked and sent them.

I also get to be in the local media again. Helena García Melero from TV3 has a show on Saturday at noon on Radio Barcelona, which is the SER network, and they invited me to be on it. It's going to be an hour-long interview; apparently what she does is picks out an everyday someone who is a little offbeat, and I seem to qualify. We're going to record it tomorrow afternoon and it will be on Saturday if you want to listen. I don't know if it will be available on Internet or not, but try Radio Barcelona's website.

If this doesn't get me on Gran Hermano VIP I don't know what will. I can just see myself smoking a few spliffs and talking literature with Pocholo. I'm willing to compromise, though. I'll accept Hotel Glam. What I am not going to do is go on one of those survival-on-a-desert-island ones where you have to eat bugs and get sunburned. My skin is very sensitive. I don't lie out in the sun because the consequences are painful. I am also a vegetarian, and I don't eat mammals or birds, much less bugs and worms.

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