Monday, February 07, 2005

James Taranto runs this note on his Best of the Web column today:

Three cheers for the Czech government, which has quashed a plan by Spain's Socialist government aimed at quashing dissent in communist Cuba, as the Prague Post reports:

"In their first foreign-policy victory since joining the EU, Czech officials in Brussels have blocked a proposed ban on inviting Cuban dissidents to receptions at European embassies in Havana.

The ban would have suspended a 2003 resolution that called on EU countries to support anti-Castro dissidents by inviting them to parties celebrating national holidays.

Spain proposed the ban as part of a package of measures--including the resumption of EU missions to Cuba--designed to ease tensions with Havana. It became a sticking point when the Czechs threatened to use their veto in the 25-member Council of Foreign Ministers, where unanimity is required on policy decisions."

Having actually lived under communist domination for more than 40 years makes the Czechs less accepting of Castro's depredations than some of their Western European counterparts. As the Post puts it, "Debate over the ban touched a nerve here, where many former dissidents entered politics after communism fell in 1989."

You gotta love the country that produced Vaclav Havel, and be embarrassed that clowns like Zap and Moratinos are running this one. Look on the bright side; three more years of Zap means that the PP will win the next four or five general elections in a row, while the fact that Zap's term is limited and will thankfully come to an end at the next election means that he won't have time to screw things up real bad before his term expires.

Let's see you guys add a few verses to this one.

How many times must Moratinos screw up
Before we can call him a jerk
And how many times will Zap make plans
That in practice aren't going to work
And how many times will the Pope get mad
And tell Zap he should go more to church

The answer, meus amics, is not in El País
The answer is not in El País

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