Sunday, November 02, 2003

An American helicopter was shot down over the Saddam Triangle. There are 15 dead soldiers. It seems to me that we should perhaps increase our efforts in pacifying said Triangle, to the effect of blowing the crap out of anybody who's carrying serious armament. The rest of the country seems to be doing pretty well, the 80% of the country that is either Kurd or Shiite, with universal allegiance to the new government and the occupying powers, but the Saddamites haven't given up yet. OK, whatever it costs, we have to level them, because we're fighting the whole damned Terrorist International here. And I vote we spend money rather than lives as far as possible. But let nobody be fooled. This is the War on Terrorism and we're going to have to be ready to fight on several fronts at once, because either we take the war to them like we're doing right now, or they're going to take the war to us like they did on September 11.

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