Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Well, it looks like this might be the end of the road for Michael Jackson. A 12-year-old boy has accused him of, uh, inappropriate touching, and the cops have a warrant and they're searching his place, the "Neverland Ranch". This is apparently happening at this moment.

I can't help feeling sorry for the guy, what with his abusive father and weird family and showbiz upbringing, and then all that fame and money, and having to hang out with Liz and Liza. I'd have freaked out long ago under that kind of pressure. But no matter how screwed-up you are and how much bad luck you've had, that is not a good excuse for diddling little boys. If he really did it he ought to be in jail. And we all know how long he'd survive there.

The other thing I want to know is who are these families who are letting their kids get within a mile of Michael Jackson? Who the hell is giving Michael Jackson access to his own children? Shouldn't this kid's parents be tried for reckless endangerment instead of getting the big payoff they'll probably take in exchange for dropping the charges?

I will add that if there is an American Dream, Michael Jackson is the American Nightmare. American society isn't perfect. It can be glitzy and flashy and superficial and also tough, harsh, and competitive. And Hollywood is the summit of that side of the USA. Most people are strong enough to deal with it in one way or another. Michael Jackson was not. Everybody thought he had the Dream but by about 1986 it was very clear that this person was unable to take care of himself due to the pressure of the Bad Side of Hollywood.

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