Sunday, November 16, 2003

With 16.7% of the vote counted--these are official figures--the Socialists have 34.1% and 48 seats, CiU has 29.4% and 43 seats, the Republican Left has 15.0% and 21 seats, the PP has 11.8% and 15 seats, and the Communists have 7.3% and 8 seats.

Possible alliances: A conservative coalition of CiU and the PP would sum 58 seats; 68 are necessary for a majority. A nationalist coalition of CiU and ERC would sum 64. A leftist coalition of the PSC and ERC would sum 69, enough to form a government. If they gave ICV part of the spoils they'd have 77. Looks like Maragall is the next Prime Minister.

UPDATE: This post turned out to be completely wrong. Later results determined that there are two possible coalitions: CiU-ERC or PSC-ERC-ICV. Maragall stands a good chance of not becoming the next PM.

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