Friday, November 14, 2003

Definitely check out this nasty blast at "Baghdad Bob" Fisk by David Pryce-Jones in the Spectator. Brilliant job. Fisk is toast. Andrew Sullivan wonders whether Fisk is misguided or malign. I firmly believe that he is malign. Fisk is not an honest pacifist or even an honest Arab nationalist. He actively desires ill for Israel and the United States and he is willing to support anyone, no matter how evil, who tries to strike a blow against those countries--or against those Britons who sympathise with those countries, including Tony Blair and everyone who has ever been a Tory. And this isn't anything new. Fisk has a long pre-9-11 record of hating the Yanks whether they're attacking Iraq or not, and of hating the Israelis since he had use of his so-called reason. I could understand someone becoming infuriated about the Iraq campaign and going nuts and freaking out and starting to spread anti-American hate, especially if they're in someplace like Barcelona where there's a lot of anti-Yanqui peer pressure. But Fisk hated us long before hating us was cool.

You'll want to check out this article in Policy Review about anti-Semitism and ethnic nationalisms in Europe. Well-worth a read. Rosenthal says what we've been trying to say all along, but he does it rather better than we do. And here's a long article by Frederick Kagan from the Wall Street Journal on Donald Rumsfeld's businesslike management of the Pentagon, and why efficiency in military affairs is not always a great idea; there's definitely something to be said for redundancy. This article from Slate on Ronald Reagan's newfound popularity and how he wasn't always beloved during his Presidency is a very useful reminder about the '80s; those of y'all who missed them might want to have a look at this. And the rest of you too.

And you will definitely want to read this Atlantic Monthly interview with P.J. O'Rourke about his experiences in Iraq. P.J. will have an article out in the December Atlantic, which will be out in a few days.

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