Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Check out Media Research Center's list of the best media idiotarian quotes of 2003. It's a good long 6-page list; scroll down, click on "Page One", and then click on "forward" at the bottom of each screen. Bill Moyers, Peter Jennings, Katie Couric, Lesley Stahl, and Baba Wawa are all quoted in context. Excruciating. And they've got links to the videos. And some dare to deny that the American mass media tends to be leftist.

Some joker among the quoted says there are three kinds of media: talk radio; cable TV; and traditional news sites like newspapers, magazines and network TV; and therefore, the conservatives have two-thirds of the media and the liberals only one-third. Now, now, when you compare Rush Limbaugh's and Fox News's right-wing output to that of the New York Times, the LA Times, Time, ABC, CNN, and NPR, not to mention that of every local news broadcast and regional newspaper in the country, that ain't exactly two-thirds against one-third.

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