Friday, January 23, 2004

The Independent ran that thing with the "Harper's Index"-style list of statistics with an anti-Bush spin a couple of days ago. (By the way, several readers sent in excellent responses to both the Independent list and the Pilger piece. Some of their ideas are reflected here. Look through the Comments section down below.) We thought we'd come up with a list of our own:

Number of campaign volunteers drowned by George Bush while driving drunk: 0

Number of drunken parties hosted by George Bush after which female guests charge Bush family members with rape: 0

Number of times George Bush claimed to have invented the Internet: 0

Number of blow jobs received by George Bush from White House interns: 0

Number of lies about receiving blow jobs from White House interns told by George Bush: 0

Number of times George Bush has freaked out on national television: 0

Number of mass graves discovered in Iraq: Hundreds

Number of Iraqis murdered by Saddam: estimates vary, from around 300,000 to upwards of a million

Number of countries invaded by Saddam: 2

Number of countries which will ever be invaded again by Saddam: 0

Number of despotisms overthrown by US: 2, so far

Number of Kuwaities murdered by Saddam's troops: Hundreds

Number of Iraqi lives saved by Saddam's overthrow: Uncountable

Number of Palestinian suicide bombers' families paid off with $25,000 by Saddam: A lot

Name of first federal prisoner executed in the US since the Rosenbergs in 1953: Tim McVeigh

Number of murderers found guilty by Texas juries and sentenced to death by Texas judges, whose sentences were carried out as provided by law, during George Bush's governorship: 152

Number of innocent people locked up at Guantanamo: Probably 0

Number of innocent people mistreated under US Patriot Act: Probably 0

Ranking of Russia, France, and China among Saddam's weapons suppliers: 1, 2, and 3

Total number of demonstrators in Barcelona protesting against Bush: Estimates vary, upwards of 300,000, probably well under a million

Total number of demonstrators in Barcelona protesting against Saddam, Assad, Kim, Castro, Gaddafi, the Iranian mullahs, and other assorted dictators, tyrants, and despots: Maybe a couple thousand

Episodes of sacking and looting in Barcelona after the anti-Bush demonstration: 1

Number of arrests of violent rioters in Barcelona: 0

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