Monday, January 12, 2004

Check this one out. Franco Aleman and Golan from HispaLibertas have put together a damn good fisking of an article from Wired about weblogs in Spain. (Their piece and the original article are both in English.) The Wired article portrays blogging in Spain as more significant than it really is (hey, everybody knows I love blogs, but they're not influential yet over here and I'm not going to pretend they are) and depicts Spanish blogging as a left-wing movement out to tell the truth about the right-wing media. The Wired author couldn't have got the story more wrong. Go read this one.

Read this one too. Trevor from Kaleboel has lots of good stuff, as always, and this one is a piece demonstrating that the repression of the Catalan language under Franco has been massively exaggerated by Catalanist victimists. He's got, like, evidence and statistics and even a graph. Highly recommended.

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