Saturday, January 31, 2004

Check this one out. Seems that many well-known people, including George Galloway and Charles Pasqua, were on the take from Saddam. He paid them off with oil coupons. The only person listed as a venial corrupt bribe-taker in Spain is some journalist called Ali Ballout, who seems to be the correspondent for Al-Jazeera in Spain. Here's a piece by Mr. Ballout which is not precisely pro-Coalition. Here's another one, an interview with some Aussie, in which he is called "Jihad Ali Ballout" and is rather pro-Saddam. This is a nice piece in which Mr. Ballout brags about how smart Saddam is. And here's a piece from the Guardian in which Mr. Ballout hoodwinks them.

This interview with Mr. Ballout is in Spanish. Here's a piece from the Washington Times in which Mr. Ballout lies through his teeth. And this is an article in which Mr. Ballout defends the Saddam Fedayeen / common criminal / foreign Islamic fanatic in their actions.

That ought to be enough evidence that Mr. Ballout, an important executive at Al-Jazeera and identified as a resident of Spain, is a paid agent of Saddam Hussein. that is, he is corrupt slime. He wouldn't criticize Saddam if his life depended on it, which it probably does, actually.

Now, when will the rest of the journalists who believed Mr. Ballout's broadcasts and articles and based their own reporting upon them rectify? Probably never. What would you expect, anyway.

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