Friday, January 30, 2004

Here's an article from Libertad Digital on FC Barcelona. Seems that the Barca will be getting rid of a lot of deadweight come the end of this season. Kluivert, Overmars, Cocu, Luis Enrique, Gerard, Van Bronckhorst, Reiziger, and Rustu are not going to be around next season. That gets rid of most of the Dutch contingent, leaving Barca with only Davids, assuming he comes back next year. (Barca doesn't own him; he's on loan.)

They wanted to buy Reyes from Sevilla, but Arsenal got there first with the most money. Now, what a lot of people are saying is that this means Arsenal is going to get rid of Thierry Henry, whom the Barca would love to have. I reckon he will go to Real Madrid, though, thereby putting Raul, Figo, Ronaldo, Beckham, Zidane, Henry, Roberto Carlos, Salgado, and Casillas on the same team. I imagine that it will be the greatest club squad ever.

Now they want to buy Fernando Torres from Atletico, and also Luque and Joaquin. They'd like to sign Wilford, and there are a couple of young players in the smaller European leagues they'd like to buy "on spec". We'll see. I don't know how a Barca with Ronaldinho, Davids, Wilford, Torres, and Puyol as its top players--agreed, that's a much better prospective team for next year than this pathetic squad Barca's got now--will be able to compete with Madrid, or even with Valencia.

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