Sunday, January 30, 2005

Get this story from Televisió de Catalunya's website today.

World Social Forum calls two days of demonstrations against the American occupation of Iraq

The World Social Forum has called out to social movements around the world to demonstrate on March 19 and 20 against the American occupation of Iraq. This call was made from Porto Alegre, in Brazil, at the summit of the social movements, where for the last five days representatives from those movements from around the world have been meeting. The World Social Forum will close this Monday with a summary of this convention.

Emir Sadr, an intellectual from the movement against globalization, recalled the strength of the demonstrations of March 15 last year.

Pakistani Tariq Ali, one of the best-known contemporary Marxist ideologues, was also present at this fifth edition of the Porto Alegre Social Forum, and celebbrated the resistance that the Iraqi people is showing against the United States military occupation.

For five days dense ideological debates have been held in order to define how "another possible world" can be constructed, and tomorrow the organizers will sum up the convention.

What a bunch of dopes, starting with the idiot who filed this story and including the idiot who posted it on the TV3 website and all the other idiots who wasted a lot of time, money, and energy at the Porto Alegre wankfest. These dopes spend five days holding dense ideological debates about Marxist hydro-anal stimulation techniques when there is actually work to be done. Oh, sorry, the US Navy is busy doing that. And the Iraqi police and every Iraqi voter went out and did that today. And, despite all the bitching we do about the Catholic Church, they will be busy doing that too. Unlike the dopes in Porto Alegre.

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