Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Take a minute to check out the blogroll. I've edited it down, removing blogs that seem to be dead or that I can't find a current link to. I fixed every link I could find. Then I added ten or fifteen links that I've been reading a lot recently. Most but not all of them are pretty well known.

I just wanted to comment that a couple of very fine websites that I read regularly, like ¡No Pasarán!, have posted recently about a new French paper called "L'antiaméricain primaire", which is on its second issue. Go check it out on their site or just Google the name of the paper. I am convinced it is a joke, that it's a satire of French anti-Americans rather than an anti-American sheet in itself. The tone reminds me of "Larry the Liberal" on the blog Blame Bush! (which I need to put on the blogroll, too). I mean, come on, with headlines like "Americans lay turds that are too big", or "They did not either land in 1944", this can't be for real. One more thing is that the expression "antiaméricain primaire" is common in France; it means "knee-jerk anti-American" and is only used as a criticism, e.g. "Oh, you just say that because you're an antiaméricain primaire." But go check it out yourself and see what you think. Especially, click on the press kit at the bottom of the paper's webpage under the two front covers that are displayed. There's a hilarious profane rant aimed at visitors who are "working for an american mass media" along with phony headlines like "The biggest American star is French!" next to a photo of Brad Pitt, or "The Eiffel Tower is taller than the Statue of Liberty!", or "We've got the real French fries!" or "Let's see you build a bridge like the Pont du Millau!" next to a photo of a flock of sheep with the bridge off in the distance.

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