Sunday, January 30, 2005

I've been looking around the Internet for information on the Iraqi elections, and the polls have closed. There are conflicting reports on the turnout, but different sources are saying it was somewhere between 60% and 75% of eligible voters, which is pretty damn good. I would say that's ample proof that the people of Iraq want a democratic government. Probably most of those people who voted would like to see the Americans go home now. Fair enough, I'd like to see us go home now, too. I imagine we will a year or so from now after the terrorists have been completely defeated in the Sunni Triangle; it seems that despite the occasional outbreak of violence, the rest of the country is pretty calm.

Of course, if the Europeans want to help, they could send some neutral politically correct troops to replace our mean nasty combat guys as we pull them out, assuming danger subsides as I expect it will. Naah, why would they want to be responsible?

They are saying that 35 people have been murdered and that nine suicide bombers have taken the quick road to hell; I hope each of them gets seventy-two virgin Divines for the rest of eternity.

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