Monday, January 24, 2005

Well, I went on TV3 again this morning; the makeup woman remembered me. It went fairly well, I thought. I honestly think they framed the debate badly, with the question "Is it justified at any cost to impose democracy?" with relation to President Bush's speech. What I wanted to say was something like "Well, that totally depends on like fourteen different factors and how we define 'justified', 'impose', and 'democracy'." The producer told me before the show to figure out some way of justifying a Yes answer, and I did so by saying that the question sounded to me like a reformulation of "Does the end justify the means?", and that the end of democracy and the rule of law justified a whole lot of means, some of which aren't too pretty. The woman, named Anna, who was my counterpart, was very emotional and the whole thing turned into a slanging match; she is a nice person (I talked to her before and after the show) but a total Third Worldist and so impossible to argue with. She has few facts and a lot of high-minded ideals--nothing wrong with that, we need the idealists among us, but it's better if they don't influence public policy too much until like 100 years after they're dead--and made a couple of statements that were blatantly false about civil liberties in the United States. Still, it went all right; Cuní told us it made excellent television, and generated a lot of calls and e-mails, a couple of which were actually favorable to my position. Helena García was very pleasant. Some guy on the street this afternoon said, "Hey, you were that guy on TV this morning." I asked him what he thought and he said he hadn't really been listening to it. Great. Oh, well. Let's see if I can parlay this into a spot on "Gran Hermano VIP".

I'm not sure if they have it up on Televisió de Catalunya's website or not. I couldn't figure it out, though apparently you could have listened to it live.

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