Friday, January 21, 2005

My celebrity status keeps growing; they want me back on Josep Cuní's show on TV3 at around 10 AM Monday morning. The topic is apparently going to be Bush's inaugural address and prospects for the second term. They told me they could not find one other American in town willing to defend Bush. So, anyway, tune in and we'll see how it goes.

If you want to listen to yesterday's radio program, here's the URL:

Click down at the bottom right on "Programa del 20 gener" and see if you can figure out how it works, because I can't.

My reaction to Bush's speech, by the way, is pretty much my reaction to all speeches. I don't put much stock in them. I don't think Bush told us anything new in his address, and I am not moved by mere language, no matter how much I support freedom, democracy, etc. etc. I am moved by action, and among recent actions I approve of are the response by the Navy to the tsunami, the prospect of upcoming real elections in Iraq (which won't be perfect but which will be a hell of a lot better than anything in the previous history of Mesopotamia going back to the Sumerians in 4000 BC), the fighting of terror on the ground in Iraq, the steady constant improvements in Iraq that Arthur Chrenkoff publicizes--at his blog and in the Wall Street Journal--every couple of weeks, the American role in the Ukraine electoral process, and the strengthening of international relations with countries around the world (especially India, Poland, the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Great Britain, Thailand, Colombia, and so many more places outside the Frog-Toad Axis).

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