Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Get this. Sixty percent of Spaniards think Spanish Jews are more loyal to Israel than to Spain. That means, of course, that 60% don't consider Spanish Jews to be real Spaniards at all. Disgraceful. 44% of people surveyed in five continental European countries, which included France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Poland, said Jews had too much international financial influence, and 49% said that American Jews had too much control over American Middle East policy. 39% said that Jews have too much power in business.

And get this. 47% said that Jews "talk too much about the Holocaust." Gee, only about six million of them got killed, so it's time they shut up already, just like those damn Negroes always complaining about being enslaved. Not to mention the Germans bitching about Dresden getting bombed.

News from these parts: The missing British girl in Portugal is the top story. Seems the Portuguese cops have arrested a British expatriate who lives in the neighborhood and took far too much interest in the proceedings of the case. She's probably dead.

Big trial verdict: an anestheologist in Valencia was convicted of infecting 275 patients with hepatitis C. Four of them died. Seems he was a junkie and he shot up with the same needles he was using on his patients. He got two thousand years in jail, but will have to serve a maximum of twenty.

Barça screwed up on Sunday night and gave up a last-minute 1-1 draw to Betis, a game they should have won handily. They are now in second place, tied with Re-Al Qaeda (stole that from Viz) at 66 points. Re-Al has the goal-average advantage, but, hey, there are four games left. Don't give up the ship just yet. Seems like the Barcelona media have already given up, though; oh, ye of little faith. Supposedly Iniesta started to cry in the locker room, which costs him quite a few macho points. Deco got all pissed off and smashed everything in the locker room, which is the response a fan prefers to see. La Vangua says they are definitely selling off a bunch of players at the end of the year, and nobody but the canteranos (Puyol, Valdes, Iniesta, Xavi, Messi, possibly Oleguer) is safe. I would definitely keep`Eto'o, and I would certainly not buy Lampard, Henry, or especially Torres, as gossip has. I like Navas, Villa, Jarque, Xabi Alonso, Albelda, and Alves. I'm not saying that Barça could actually get those guys, though if they sell Deco, Ronaldinho, or both, they'll have a packet of money to spend.

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