Friday, May 25, 2007

It's been a week and a half since the last blog roundup, so here we go.

A Fistful of Euros posts on the Spanish elections and local expatriate parties.

The Rottweiler, thirsting for blood, savages apologists for Al Qaeda, and links to their torture manual.

Biased BBC shreds another biased report on Jewish history in the Middle East.

The Brussels Journal has a good think-piece titled "The Changing Face of War."

Colin Davies is going strong out in Pontevedra. If you like this blog, you'll love his.

Eursoc reports that Jack Chiraq is in big trouble and will quite likely be spending most of the rest of his life in court.

Expat Yank shreds conspiracy theorists.

La Liga Loca's indispensable Weekend Preview of the Spanish football league is up.

Notes from Spain has some good advice for people planning to move not only to Spain, but to any foreign country.

Observing Hermann links to a couple of articles on a survey of European hotel managers that ranks foreign tourists on level of popularity. The Americans, though loud, come in second overall after the Japanese and ahead of the Swiss. Yanks are known for trying to speak the local language, always trying the local food, being polite, and being good spenders. We were also voted the worst-dressed, which is fair enough, I suppose; the British are second-worst. The Brits came in fifth from last, as they're rude, noisy, and cheap; Germans are cheap but tidy and well-behaved; Japanese are polite and tidy, and good spenders; and the French, of course, came in last, refusing to speak the language or try the food. The Indians, Chinese, and Russians were also unpopular, ahead of the French but behind the Brits.

Playing Chess with the Dead is providing invaluable information to anyone interested in the Madrid bombings case. This is by far the most complete account in English.

Publius Pundit has photos of some real police brutality that our local squatters ought to have a look at.

¡No Pasarán! has a table showing the percentage of Muslims who believe that suicide bombing can be justified in different countries. Of Muslims aged 18-29, 22% living in Germany justified suicide bombing; 26% in the United States; 29% in Spain; 35% in the UK; and a whopping 42% in France. That's just awful. The results of this survey are going to give a lot of ammunition to those racists who dislike not only pro-jihadis but all Muslims, whether law-abiding folk or not. And those of us who dislike only pro-jihadis have a lot more people to dislike than we thought. I certainly would never have believed that a quarter of young American Muslims would justify suicide bombing.

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