Sunday, May 27, 2007

Some real results are coming in. Participation is very low, 53% in Catalonia. That would be pretty good for the US, one must admit.

Barcelona city council: Socialists 14 seats, CiU 12, the PP 7, Esquerra 4, and the Communists 4. The Tripartite stays in power with a 22-19 majority. Good result for CiU and the PP holds what it had.

The Socialists win Tarragona city; they'll govern in a Tripartite coalition.

Possible changes: Looks like a Nafarroa Bai-PSOE coalition will take Navarra from the PP. The PP may win the most votes in the Canaries and would presumably govern with the Canary Coalition. The Socialists will take the cities of Orense and Jaén from the PP.

Stays the same: Big PP wins in Madrid, Valencia, and Malaga. The PP holds most of Spain's provincial capitals. The PSOE wins Sevilla and Zaragoza, in addition to Barcelona, and the PNV holds Bilbao.

Small-party news: A pro-marijuana party did almost well enough to win a seat in the Navarre regional parliament.

The Plataforma per Catalunya did well in old-line, conservative Catalan cities; they took 5 seats in Vic, 4 in El Vendrell, 2 in Cervera, and one each in Manresa, Olot, and Tárrega. I can imagine a couple of Remei's relatives voting for the PxC. Ciutadans only did well in the heavily Spanish-speaking Baix Llobregat, winning 2 seats in Castelldefels and one each in Sant Boi, Viladecans, and Gavà.

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