Sunday, May 27, 2007

The TV stations are reporting their exit polls. TV1 says that the results in the autonomous regions are the same as last time: PP absolute majority in Castile-Leon, La Rioja, Madrid, Valencia, and Murcia, and PSOE absolute majority in Extremadura, Castile-La Mancha, Asturias, and Aragon. The PP is the most voted party in Cantabria, Balearic Islands, and Navarre, but will have to form a coalition with local parties to govern.

In the municipal elections, it doesn't look like there are too many big changes. The PP keeps its absolute majority in Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, Alicante, Murcia, and Castellon; the PSOE keeps Seville, Zaragoza, and La Coruña; Nafarroa Bai may be the leading vote-getter in Pamplona, and the Communists hold Cordoba.

TV3 is reporting poor results for the Tripartite in Barcelona. The Socialists have 32% of the vote and 14-16 seats; CiU has 24% and 11-13 seats; the PP has 13% and 6-7 seats; Esquerra has 10% and 4-5 seats, and the Communists have 10% and 3-4 seats. Ciutadans has 4%, not enough for a seat. These results put the Tripartite on the edge of a knife, since the surveys right now give them 21 seats in a worst-case scenario, which is exactly what they need for a majority. The other big news from Catalonia is that the Socialists have taken Tarragona capital away from CiU.

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