Wednesday, May 23, 2007

In case you were wondering about the worldview of TV3, Catalan government television, get the lead story on their 2:30 afternoon news.

Guantanamo, Afghanistan, Iraq, the secret CIA flights...The United States considers the world to be a giant battlefield where human rights can be trampled on in the name of the war against terrorism. That is Amnesty International's summary of Washington's role in the world, in an annual report in which the scenes, the crimes, and the victims of recent years reappear.

Amnesty International's report accuses some world leaders of fomenting fear with the sole objective of "strengthening their own power, creating false certanties, and not answering to anyone." In developed countries, and also in emerging ones, "the fear of being invaded by hordes of indigents (is used) to justify harsher measures against migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers...

In reference, Amnesty cites US president George Bush, who it says "invoked the fear of terrorism in order to gain additional executive power that was not under the supervision of Congress or judicial review." It adds that thousands of persons are in custody, without charges or trial, in Iraq and Afghanistan and at Guantanamo. The organization believes that some of the 14 "high value" detainees, who were transferred to Guantanamo in September and who have been incommunicado for four and a half years as part of the CIA's secret program, "are victims of forced disappearance." The report says that 395 persons of 30 nationalities are still held at Guantanamo.

Iraq again receives a prominent place, as much for the abuses committed by the invaders, the insurgency, and Iraqi authorities. Torture, illegal arrest, assassinations, and executions are still practiced. In this sense, Iraq and the United States are among the six countries that carry out 90% of the executions in the world, along with China, Iran, Pakistan, and Sudan.`Up to 1600 persons have been executed around the world in the last year.

Wow. With all the problems in the world, from North Korea and China to Venezuela and Zimbabwe, Amnesty and TV3 focus on the US and the democratically elected Iraqi government.

a) The world is a giant battlefield and it wasn't our idea, it was Osama's.
b) It scared me when Osama flew those airplanes into those buildings. I don't know about the rest of y'all, it scared me. So did London and Madrid and Bali and Casablanca. Bush didn't do any of those things. He's not the guy that scares me.
c) The imperialistic motivations assigned to the United States are plain bullshit.
d) Methinks Amnesty is conflating the legitimate rights of refugees and legal immigrants with the lawbreaking of illegal aliens.
e) Notice the negative spotlight always trained only on Bush.
f) Pretty much everything Bush has done was approved by Congress and reviewed by the courts. Saying anything else is a flat-out lie.
g) I am glad that thousands of people who were caught bearing arms in the terrorist cause are locked up without charges or trial, because if they're at Guantanamo they aren't blowing me up.
h) What do you want us to do with them? They're not ordinary criminals, and they're not legitimate prisoners of war, either. They're a new class of threat to society. I tell you what. Any country that wants us to turn loose the prisoners at Guantanamo: you can have them all if you promise they'll never leave your borders again. Any takers? I thought not.
i) How can they possibly say that the fourteen terrorists cited are "victims" of any sort? The people they killed and wounded are victims. These guys are murderers.
j) Notice the double mention of the dread CIA.
k) The moral equivalence assigned to the US and the elected Iraqi government, and the "insurgency," is outrageous. The Americans and the Iraqi government do not want to kill anybody. If there were no "insurgency," the Americans would go home and the Iraqi government would control the country.
l) Looks like they got a problem with hanging Saddam and his henchmen. I got no problem with that. In fact, I wholeheartedly support it, and I think they should hang more of them.
m) Note the repeated outrageous moral equivalence, that made between the US and Iraq on the one hand and China, Iran, Sudan, and Pakistan on the other. The US and Iraq execute convicted murderers after trial and appeal. (So do Japan, India, and Singapore.) The death penalty in those other four countries is applied to gay boys and raped women and Falun Gong protestors.

I think it's always funny when TV3, the sinkhole of corruption that sucks up literally hundreds of millions of euros a year, gets all moral and righteous.

TV3 is almost €1.1 billion with a B in debt, and the Generalitat (the Catalan regional government) has had to take that debt over. Since TV3 is totally publicly owned, that's 100% taxpayers' money.

Between 2006 and 2009 the Generalitat will subsidize TV3 to the tune of nearly €1.2 billion with a B. Again, that's taxpayers' money.

TV3 costs each Catalan taxpayer more than €75 a year. And it sells advertising. A lot of advertising. How can they possibly lose so much money? A TV channel should turn an enormous profit; it's been proven hundreds of times around the world.

It's not as if TV3 were any better than the other channels, either. Often it's worse, especially the homemade soap operas and the talk shows that only interview other TV3 personalities. Not to mention the same damn movies every weekend, "Mississippi Burning" and "The Shawshank Redemption" over and over again.

This is nothing new; here's a story from 2005 on TV3's losses and debts.

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