Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Libertad Digital has a list of building collapses in Spain since 2000. It's pretty long. I'll bet more people are killed by collapsing buildings in Spain than by spree shooters in the US.

A few excerpts:

June 28, 2000: Three killed as building collapses in Esparreguera, Barcelona province, after a propane gas explosion.

March 7, 2001: One dead when building collapses in Madrid, possibly because of construction work on ground floor.

January 17, 2002: Old building in Zaragoza collapses, killing one.

March 16, 2002: Two killed when building collapses in Valencia. Possible cause: aluminosis.

June 3, 2002: Two killed when 1960s building collapses in L'Hospitalet, Barcelona province.

April 4, 2003: One killed when old building collapses in Orense.

August 14, 2003: Gas explosion and building collapse kill four, injure 30 in Sevilla.

November 9, 2004: House collapses, kills man in Cádiz.

February 3, 2005: Two killed as gas explosion causes building collapse in Lleída.

November 10, 2005: Five killed when old building collapses in Piera, Barcelona province.

August 3, 2006: Two die in gas explosion, building collapse in Alicante.

February 21, 2007: House collapses, kills two in Córdoba.

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