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Here's the piece that was posted at Pajamas Media on Monday. I've only included the two most important links here.

Barcelona daily newspaper La Vanguardia, which has been published since 1881, likes to consider itself the reasonable and moderate voice of the Catalan middle class. What passes for responsibility in the conspiracy-theorizing Spanish press is a long way from the ideal, though. Today they’ve set a new record for journalistic irresponsibility and amorality.

La Vanguardia has actually become a mouthpiece for terrorists. This morning they’ve given the two lead pages of their International section to a spokesman for the Iraqi Baath Party.

Reporter Carla Fibla interviews one “Abu Mohamed” in Madrid; Abu Mohamed is billed as “The spokesman for the Baath Party and the armed resistance.” There’s a photo of him, taken from behind. Fibla says he is a university professor and that he has been in Madrid for the past week making contact with “organizations opposed to the American occupation in Iraq in order to explain the resistance’s projects and objectives.”

The Spanish government should track down Abu Mohamed and arrest him and his contacts immediately. He is the spokesman for a terrorist organization, and apology for terrorism is strictly illegal in Spain. Twenty-two leaders of Batasuna, the ETA-front political party in Spain, were arrested just last week on orders from Judge Baltasar Garzón on charges of membership in a terrorist organization and apology for terrorism. Abu Mohamed is no different from Arnaldo Otegi, the Batasuna spokesman who is right now facing a prison term here in Spain. And anybody Abu Mohamed meets with is guilty of collaboration with a terrorist gang.

If the Spanish government doesn’t arrest him, the CIA ought to grab him and send him off to a torture camp in the Ukraine. (Assuming they do such things, that is.) If he knows what the Baath Party terrorists’ plans and goals are, he is a legitimate target.

One thing Abu Mohamed says is that his “resistance,” which he claims includes 80% of anti-Iraqi-democracy terrorists, is also “fighting” Al Qaeda and the Iranians.

Sure, the national-socialist Baath Party probably doesn’t like either of them any better than it likes the elected Iraqi government or the Americans and British. But somehow I doubt they’re actually “fighting” either of them.

Abu Mohamed told his interviewer:

Iran’s interest in Al Qaeda is the creation of a sectarian confrontation in Iraq. Something they are fueling because Al Qaeda is supported by the Mossad.

Yeah, right.

We, the Baath and the resistance, believe that this is not a government, but a gang of collaborators and spies who have created something they call the Government and Parliament, and have organized fraudulent elections in order to impose their plans on Iraq. The Government will fall before the occupation.

So he brags that they are trying to overthrow the elected Iraqi government. When somebody tries to overthrow the elected Spanish government, like ETA, we call them terrorists and put them in jail. Spain should do no less with Abu Mohamed and his homegrown Spanish collabos.

Iraq is living under occupation, subjugated by external elements who collaborate with them: political parties, militias, and death squads that murder in the name of the occupation.

If I remember correctly, the Iraqi government was elected by the Iraqi people, and if anybody’s murdering anybody, it’s the “armed resistance.”

Most of the people support the resistance.
That’s not what the election results said.

Terrorism is an American product. There has been terrorism in Iraq since the invasion; before Al Qaeda did not exist for us, there were no militias, no death squads, nor murders, nor kidnappings.

Except the ones Saddam and the Baath Party committed, of course.

The current destruction of infrastructure, theft of the money and wealth of the country, sectarian confrontations, it’s all a product of the occupation.

The Socialist Baath Party has … become a party of resistance. We want to expel the occupation, put an end to the invasion, and establish a pluralist democratic regime based on alternating powers … In my party we have always aspired to democratic functioning, even during the time of the regime of the martyr Saddam Hussein democracy was practiced at an internal level.

“The martyr Saddam Hussein”?

At the beginning of October we will unite with other nationalist and Islamic factions to form a supreme command, the High Command of the Jihad and Liberation, led by Aezt al Duri (the ex-vice-president of Iraq during the Saddam Hussein regime.) It includes 22 factions in the whole country that represent 80% of armed resistance.

Yep. This guy says straight out that his party “represents armed resistance” — which of course means killing all Iraqis who don’t agree with them, not to mention the occasional American soldier.

What the combatants need are weapons, and there are Iraqi army technicians in the resistance making them, above all mines.

Mines are the kind of weapon that kills the most American soldiers.

As the resistance and as the Iraqi people, we value the withdrawal of Spanish troops, as well as the support of the Spanish people against the war. This brave decision will have a positive reaction in the future relations of free Iraq with Spain.

“The support of the Spanish people against the war”? So Abu Mohamed says that Spanish public opinion has aided the terrorists. That’ll make many Spanish very happy.

The US must recognize and accept our patriotic national rights. They are the following: the unconditional and total withdrawal from Iraq, accepting the consequences of the invasion and occupation, paying indemnizations to Iraq as a state and a people, overturning all the illegal laws that are the fruit of the political process, freeing all Iraqi prisoners, annulling trials under the illegal occupation and the Security Council resolutions based on article 7 from 1991 until now, based on lies; and ceasing incursions into the houses of Iraqis with the excuse that they belong to the resistance. Also, the collaborationists who have committed high treason against the country and the people must be turned over to the government.

Abu Mohamed is a supporter of Saddam who wants the UN to revoke all their resolutions against that thug. And La Vanguardia gives him two full pages.

If (the UN) again serves as an instrument to carry out the US’s project, as occurred in the destruction of Iraq, killing in its name more than two million Iraqis and legitimizing the occupation, then the resistance and the Baath will reject any UN intervention. The resistance will decide the future of Iraq.

No, he really doesn’t care what the UN thinks.

There are international leaders who have been elected democratically but who direct dictatorial and criminal governments, like for example Bush. Nonetheless, there are leaders who were not elected democratically, and practice policies of human rights and freedom. It is related to a moral vision, the relation between the ruler and the people has to be human. Not to defend the previous regime, but, the relationship between the leaders and the people was moral and human.

So he’s anti-democratic, but supports dictators who are “moral and human.” How can anyone who believes in democracy and the rule of law support this man and what he stands for?

(American) soldiers cry in the streets of Baghdad and many refuse to follow orders.

Interviewer: There have been dozens of American deserters. Do you help them leave the country?

Yes, in many cases. I call on American soldiers, because we are still willing to help them leave Iraq.

The American soldiers are refusing to follow orders and are deserting by the dozen, and the Baath Party is hiding them? First I’d heard of that.

Our political project is very clear. All Iraqis, parties, movements, currents, and persons, no matter their names, except for traitors to Iraq, will be part of the agreement when they recognize the rights of Iraq. The traitors know who they are, all of those who have helped the occupier in the invasion and who collaborate with the American project. They are lackeys.

That sounds like everyone who voted in the elections is a traitor and will be treated as one if the Baath somehow manages to take over again.

We have been invited (to Spain) by the State Campaign against the Occupation and for the Sovereignty of Iraq (CEOSI), a movement that supports the rights and welfare of the Iraqis. We represent the Iraqi people and give thanks for the opportunity to tell what is happening in our country. This allows us to transmit our message to the occupier from outside.

He fulsomely thanks La Vanguardia for allowing him to spread propaganda.

The CEOSI needs to have its headquarters raided right now to find out how much of its money (which it claims is for “medical aid”) has gone into the hands of the Baath Party terrorists, with whom they are openly in contact. I would expect a long string of arrests to follow. Googling “CEOSI” leads you to an enormous long string of links that clearly show it’s a front for the Communists and those to their left.

The CEOSI is mixed up with Ramsey Clark’s International Action Center, and we all know who those guys are: a front for the Workers World Party, a bunch of Trotskyist-Maoists.

They’re still fighting the Cold War, they’re the Vanguard of the Revolution, and the Baath Party is their proxy now.

La Vanguardia allows readers to comment on all stories on their website, something few newspapers in Spain do. I counted 15 comments in favor of the Baath Party, and 13 against; pro-terrorist, anti-American feeling is unfortunately widespread in Barcelona. Check out some of these pro-terrorist comments from La Vanguardia’s readership.

Pepe (Miami): Send this interview to the New York Times and let’s see if they figure it out in the US, here the media only tells lies.

dax (L’Ametlla del Vallés): You can’t call people who defend their fatherland invaded by the Westerners terrorists. The only terrorist is Bhus (sic) who for economic interests has no doubts about turning Iraq into a second Vietnam. The same thing that happened there will happen to him.

MonsieurTon: Very, very interesting. Let’s hope this leader gets more chances to explain his message, and that our media listen to him. Bravo LV!

Teresa (Barcelona): I don’t understand how anyone can say the US has killed few Iraqis (How dare we!) And a question: Aren’t the invaders and occupiers responsible for security, especially among the civilian population? Yes, for every one of the deaths, which are several hundred thousand…

ahaverus: Well, I think it’s normal that an invaded people organizes itself against the occupying army. Everything else is secondary. I suppose we would do the same in a similar case, independently of our sympathies with Zapatero or the PP.

Mar (Buenos Aires): The media must give a voice to those who do not have one so that it can reach the ears of those the warlike empires are trying to disinform. Excellent report … American imperialism is hurting us directly. It is not just a war for oil, but to extend terrorism and justify international bellicism.

Pathetic. Fortunately there are a few sensible people in Spain who disagree with these idiots.

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