Friday, October 26, 2007

The story on President Bush visiting the area of the San Diego fires has received these comments from readers of La Vanguardia:

lylo, Mataro: The images don't look anything like the devastation in Iraq...these rich Americans will collect on their million-dollar insurance policies, but the Iraqi civilians won't.

Diferente: Immediate aid has arrived because the governor is Republican, in New Orleans the mayor and governor were Democrats, there's the difference.

rapadink, Barcelona: Don't forget about the great business that the corporations will do "reconstructing California" like in New Orleans and Iraq...Mr. Bush is a crook who will pay the price within a few years.

junkers: You're totally right, cowboy (sic), in order to prevent fires you have to cut down all the trees. Brilliant. All right? (sic)

Manuel BA: They should have sentenced Bush to life imprisonment a long time ago. A criminal like him cannot walk around loose as if nothing were happening. He is one of the most dangerous thugs on our planet Earth.

Eduardo: Of course it's not like the Katrina situation. In the Malibu area there are a bunch of millionaires, of whom many know Bush personally and can talk to him directly. And with him or without him, they're going to reconstruct the area with even bigger houses. Those from Katrina are still there waiting.

tonimarsa: That thug Bush goes there now with a sad face and I wonder why he didn't go to New Orleans during Katrina.

emyr, Wales: The fires are caused by global warming. Bush should do something about the problem to prevent things like the fires in California and Katrina. It's Bush's fault that the fires are happening!

Note: There's a persistent urban legend around here that Bush once said forest fires could be stopped by cutting down all the trees.

Note II: These attacks on President Bush are clearly anti-Americanism, not criticism of government policy.

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