Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's been a very long time since we've done a blog roundup, so here goes.

A Fistful of Euros comments on continuity between Nazi Germany and the early Federal Republic.

Barcepundit has the dope on an old Bush-Aznar conversation leaked by the Zap administration to El Pais.

Biased BBC sees an anti-Bush prejudice in coverage of the southern California fires.

The Brussels Journal reviews a Diana West book blaming the wimpiness of Western civilization on the Sixties, the welfare state, and feminism.

Colin Davies posts on everything that happens in Spain, and is nice enough to add a link to us.

Davids Medienkritik links to a documentary on European anti-Americanism. Highly recommended.

Eursoc reports on Italy's proposed law that would gag bloggers. This is one of the most repressive laws that I have ever seen, much worse than anything Bush or Blair ever did.

Expat Yank comments on an incredibly dumb statement by Doris Lessing.

Fausta has plenty about the Chavez and Correa show.

Guirilandia, who is considering retirement, has one on the meaning of "relax" in Spain.
Includes a video of Salvador Dalí on What's My Line.

Trevor has a photo of a stolen Dutch bicycle for sale at Els Encants market, where they have absolutely all the junk (mostly fished out of garbage skips) you might ever want. I keep saying I'm going to go down there and see if any of the old magazine dealers have a copy of Signal, the Nazi propaganda magazine sold in Europe during World War II.

La Liga Loca keeps us all up on the latest news from the top national obsession of Spanish males. Cars would be second, with women coming in a poor third. Or maybe food and drinking would come in third, with women dropping to fourth place.

LA-Madrid Files has a fascinating piece on a guy who combined the worst excesses of both New York and Madrid, and is therefore not surprisingly dead.

No Pasaran! recommends Johann Fest's autobiography of his childhood during the Nazi years, comparing it with Gunter Grass's, and points out a few differences between today's US and Nazi Germany.

Notes from Spain
has been running a generally lighthearted series on "The Worst of Spain." Check it out.

Observing Hermann posts on a German cultural thing that I had never heard about before.

The Dissident Frogman takes a shot at both Bernard Kouchner and Der Spiegel.

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