Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spain's National Court just handed down the verdict in the March 11 bombings trial. Jamal Zougam and Otman El Gnaoui were sentenced to 40,000 years each in prison for actually planting the bombs on the trains, and José Emilio Suárez Trashorras, who swapped them the dynamite for drugs, got 35,000 years. The maximum possible time served in Spain is 40 years. Fifteen others were also convicted.

Surprise: "Mohammed the Egyptian," currently in prison in Italy and accused of being the mastermind of the plot, was acquitted. Seven other small fry were also acquitted. The three-judge tribunal ruled out any ETA participation in the bombings, and the alleged Zap-ETA-Carod-Trilateral Commission-Masonic conspiracy theory is completely dead.

Here are the reports from El Periodico, La Vanguardia, TV3, and El Mundo.

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