Sunday, October 21, 2007

We reported several years ago that Bill Clinton's black Labrador retriever Buddy, which he got during the dark days of the impeachment in order to make him look cuddly, was hit by a car and killed not long after Clinton's presidential term ended.

Now it's being reported that Socks the cat, supposedly Chelsea's pet, was dumped on long-suffering secretary Betty Currie when Bill and Hillary moved out of the White House.

Poor Buddy and Socks. They thought they were loved and cherished parts of a family's life, but they were just public relations props that made the hungrily ambitious Clintons seem like real people with human feelings.

And the children of America, deceived by Hillary's mendacious "book" about Buddy and Socks's bucolic, idyllic lives with the Clinton family in the White House. The poor animals were cynically used in order to steal our children's innocence.

Those of us who love our animal friends must stop heartless Hillary now, before she becomes President again and exploits more dogs and cats to burnish her image for her sinister political purposes.

So I'm organizing a political action committee called AnimaL Lovers Against Hillary (ALLAH), in order to publicize Hillary Clinton's manipulation of our emotions and feelings.

We need volunteers and contributions for our struggle against America's Number One hypocritical pet exploiter! My cat Oscar has already volunteered to scratch Hillary if she ever gets within five feet of him. Let's see some humans show the same spirit!

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