Wednesday, September 10, 2003

By the way, there's quite the debate on civic behaviour and the lack of it in Barcelona, since the Mayor Joan Clos and his aides started brainstorming publicly on the theme. On Monday La Vanguardia published a letter from yours truly rebutting the Mayor's claim that "Barcelonans are very civic people". I suggested that the City Hall apply a policy of zero tolerance and public education. Another reader supported my proposal yesterday and made the point that "to the left, such proposals smell like fascism". Of course encouraging a sense of personal responsibility for one's actions, and respect for other people, is the exact opposite of fascism. But he has a point. Something as obvious as making the citizens obey the law is far too straightforward for the City Hall. Instead they have announced that they will "look into the theoretical basis of action... make a study... [and consider] setting up a commission of expèrts to report on the matter". Expect some action around 2023, by which time we Barcelonans will be neck-deep in empty whiskey bottles, dog shit and radical flyposters.

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