Wednesday, September 03, 2003

What most Americans and British are probably interested in regarding this tornado of political news is: how is it going to affect Spanish international policy, especially respecting Spain's status as a member of the Coalition?

The answer is: it ain't, at least if we're right and Rajoy is going to breeze to an easy triumph. The entire PP is down with Aznar and Rajoy. Their position on the war and on international affairs is the position of the whole party, not just the Prime Minister. Spain will continue to stand tall at America's and Britain's side as our key continental ally.

Now, in contrast, if you want to know what the Socialist Party's position is on international issues, we can sum it up in two words: "Yankees suck". No, they're not imitating Boston Red Sox fans screaming at Derek Jeter. As evidence, we submit this article that Murph and I wrote back in April, which includes a translation of sections of an interview that the Vanguardia did with Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, at this writing still the PSOE's candidate for Prime Minister. Definitely read it, both for a laugh--Zapatero is not just an idiotarian, he's an idiot--and as evidence of what's at stake and how important it is that Rajoy will succeed Aznar and become Prime Minister through 2008.

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