Thursday, September 25, 2003

Patrick Crozier has nailed his Three Theses to the door as he announces the beginning of his campaign for Mayor of London. Check it out over at Samizdata.

Faithful Iberian Notes blogreader John Lilly sent along this New York Times article on the tailgate barbecuing that goes on before every Kansas City Chiefs home game. The pre-game feed is generally considered to be more important than the football, and if you like meat, which I don't (vegetarian since age 13), this is probably the best food in the world. You can't get in, though, since all the tickets are sold out before the season starts. If you do something like buy them from a scalper, get there early and bring a cooler full of expensive beer. Go around to people who have big stands set up and ask if you can swap a couple of brews for some of their BBQ. (This'd look cheap if you were offering them a couple of Black Labels or something.) Tell 'em theirs smelled awful good. They'll drop to their knees and smother you in brisket. Comment: Real African-American KC barbecue sauce is vinegary and spicy, a little hot. Example: Arthur Bryants. That sweet stuff is more white-bread suburban and is scorned by KC barbecue fans. Example: KC Masterpiece.

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