Thursday, September 04, 2003

I sure did hit a hot button with Margaret Sanger.

a. I am not Catholic or even Christian. I am an agnostic.
b. I support equal rights for women and men.
c. I support--and use--legal birth control.
d. I support legal abortion on demand in the first trimester of pregnancy.
e. I support people's finding sexual fullfillment however they choose to do so as long as everybody's 18 and consenting, and nobody gets hurt. And let's keep the animals out of it.

(I once completely grossed out the Jedman, who had been complaining about his involuntary long-term sexual abstinence, by suggesting that he get his mom's cat, rub tuna fish all over his tallywhacker, and "let that little pink sandpaper tongue take care of it." To date, this is the only time the Jedman has ever been grossed out, except for the time some jerk whose initials were J.F. invited us to come over to his girlfriend's house and promised us that "you can fuck her mom". That grossed me out pretty big-time, too.)

I just do not like Margaret Sanger.

Here is a link to NYU's Margaret Sanger Papers Project. This looks to me to be about as definitive as it gets. Click on "About Margaret Sanger" to get started.

You might want to check out Planned Parenthood's defense of Sanger.

Here's an article from the Kansas City Star on eugenics which mentions Sanger.

Here's a National Review article by Jonah Goldberg on eugenics applied to both people and our pets.

This is a long piece from FrontPage on the subject of the Left and racism that touches on Sanger and eugenics.

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