Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Let's all have a look at Anthony's latest link, showing as he says that "Spain is finally number 1 in something".

My comment: I find it incredibly annoying that the media in this country (here I include TVE, TV3 Catalunya, El Pais and La Vanguardia) use "Jewish" and "Israeli" as synoyms. So we get, for example: "The Jewish army evicted Palestinians from their homes". Every time this happens I want to scream at the TV: "Not all Jews are Israelis, and not all Israelis are Jews". The subliminal effect of all this is to suggest that all Jews are badass repressors. Hence we get graffiti like the following: "[Star of David] + $$$ = [Swastika]".

Another point to note from the Barcelona Football Club elections held in July: what really sunk favourite candidate Bassat was the "revelation" that his maternal surname is Cohen. Apocryphal? I have heard on more than one occasion that Barca supporters refused to vote for a Jew.

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