Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Yesterday was the "Official Opening of The Spanish Justice (what?) Year". This means that all the judges and dignitaries make endless speeches about how great they are, after the two-month holiday they have given themselves. The King Juan Carlos was there, and boy does he have a lot of medals. I suppose they would be things like "The Order of the Cognac Bottle", "Knight-Commander of the Screwed Actress" and "Congressional Medal of Witlessness". He slurred his words rather more than usual, though I suppose if you have to sit through several hours of meaningless drivel, it's fair enough to have a slurp or two of the hipflask.

Meanwhile in the real world of law enforcement: ETA are getting sloppier and sloppier. They ambushed two Basque policemen on Sunday night, catching them totally by surprise and shooting them at pointblank range with sawn-off shotguns. Result: two injured cops, one dead terrorist. Best wishes to the cops for full recovery. Good riddance to the terrorist motherfucker.

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