Friday, September 05, 2003

Tomorrow morning Remei and I are off to London, where we'll be until September 16. I doubt I will be doing any blogging from there. What y'all can do, of course, is keep the blog going yourselves by adding your opinions in the Comments section below--hell, your comments are usually more intelligent than mine anyway. Murph and Clark can keep you all up to date if anything important happens here.

Here are a few topics for discussion:

What's the deal with sending more troops to Iraq? Good move, bad move, not necessary?

What the hell are the French and Germans up to now?

Is the United Nations merely useless or useless, corrupt, and incompetent?

Rank the nine Democratic candidates for President.

When I get back, will Zap still be the PSOE's "leader"?

What about the California recall election? Do you really see Arnie as Governor? Exactly how awful is Cruz Bustamante?

What do you think Aznar wants to do after he gets through as Prime Minister?

Have you ever read a newspaper with worse international coverage than La Vanguardia's?

Have you come across any good America-bashing that you'd like to share with us?

Do you have any stories grosser than the J.F. incident alluded to below?

I challenge you guys to make at least fifty comments among all of you on these themes, or any others you may choose, before I come back on September 17.

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