Saturday, November 03, 2007

Gaspar "Gas" Llamazares, the Spanish Stalin, is the head of the Communist United Left. He's not one of those wimpy Commies, he believes in shooting people who don't agree with him. Check out this dreadfully written love letter to Che Guevara he wrote in El Pais yesterday.

It is evident that Che has not lost his capacity to be a standard-bearer, an icon, a symbol of how to understand political commitment and of living his personal life in accordance with his understanding of public life...Che was an example of political and moral integrity, of denunciation (sic), of faithfulness to the ideals of emancipation and freedom. This is what is substantial, and it is why his figure has not shrunk over time.

Yeah, but what's his point?

How many more elections must Hugo Chavez win in order to be treated with the respect that a democratic leader deserves? What is so bothersome about processes of refoundation based on constitutional changes and the reform of the political system?

Oh, I see.

It is in this rebellious will, of resistance and of determination, that we recognize the figure of Che and his contribution. Principally, rebelling against injustice and living his commitment to those down below with personal coherence. This is, exactly, the interpretation of Che that seduces us...Latin America tells us, those who from the left bother to listen, that there are chances for the agenda of social transformation, that it is possible to rethink the Scoialist utopia for the 21st century, that it is possible to rebuild the social contract with a different agenda, and that there is no reason to bow down to totalitarian designs without resistance.

Yep. Not only is Gas in favor of shooting people when Che did it, he'll support Chavez when he does it.

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