Monday, November 19, 2007

Quick blog roundup:

Must-watch video footage at No Pasaran! of the Barcelona squatter riot. The video begins with demonstrators taking metal fences from the Plaza Catalunya construction site. At 00:09 it cuts to Via Laietana in front of the Interior department building. At 00:16 you can clearly see rioters hurling the fences, along with other things, at the police. At 00:44 it cuts to ambulances and police vehicles on Via Laietana. At 00:54 it cuts to the police charging a crowd at what looks like the top of Laietana, at Plaza Urquinaona. At 1:09 it cuts to an ambulance crew taking an injured rioter away.

Jules Crittenden makes fun of Euro stereotypes of Americans.

Pejman says things are getting worse in Venezuela. Publius Pundit has more.

Sadly, Sal de Traglia is packing it in; he leaves us with some thoughts for prospective expatriates.

Expat Yank has a very nice fisking of some global warming insanity in the Independent.

Davids Medienkritik acidly suggests a thought experiment for readers of the German (and by extension, European) media.

Colin Davies, "Old Reliable," comments on Spanish building permits and Franco nostalgics, among other things.

Barcepundit links to an apt cartoon.

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