Monday, November 26, 2007

State of the blog report: We get about 150 readers a day, and are linked by about 120 other blogs. The only one we get a significant number of visitors from is InstaPundit. Since Iberian Notes has been around for five years now, and we've commented on pretty much everything about Spain, we get a good few Google hits as well; the two most popular themes are "gypsy surnames" and "arguments for and against bullfighting." I guess every English teacher in Spain assigns bullfighting as the topic when it's time to work on the persuasive essay. There's also a lot of interest in the Spanish royal family. The biggest recent source of Google hits was the story about the thug who kicked the Ecuadorian girl on the train; that one has caught on both in Latin America and among the multiculti diversity crowd in the States.

Last 100 visitors to Iberian Notes: United States 49, Spain 32, United Kingdom 5, Netherlands 3, France 3, Canada 2, Brazil, Germany, Israel, Australia, Belgium, and Norway 1 each.

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