Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Little news is good news, I guess.

They convicted the two cartoonists from El Jueves who drew Prince Felipe doing Princess Letizia doggy-style on the magazine cover and fined them €3000 apiece for lese-majesté.

It turned out that the skinhead who killed the squatter in the knife fight in the Madrid subway is in the army. Great, just what we need, neo-Nazis in the armed forces.

Supposedly one of the commuter train lines that is still on the fritz will be repaired over the weekend. Don't hold your breath.

Hugo Chavez claims that he didn't hear the King tell him to shut up, but if he had, he would have told him "to go wipe his ass." Fidel Castro called the incident "an ideological Waterloo." Yep, with Juan Carlos playing the part of Wellington.

Some dipshit dad left his vial of liquid Ecstasy lying around where his two-year-old could find it. The kid drank it, went into a two-day coma, and Dad's in jail. Can you say "custody hearing"?

Another dipshit, this time a rock-and-roller named Melendi (who I've never heard of) and his band boarded an Iberia flight for Mexico City drunk, and then pitched a fit when the stewardess cut them off. The pilot turned the plane around, back to Madrid, and Melendi's in the slam. Meanwhile, the 180 other people on the plane had their flight delayed by twelve hours.

Spanish families have adopted 23,000 foreign children in the last five years, the most in the world per capita. It must have something to do with Spain's very low birth rate, and possibly with the advanced age of first marriage.

Five executives, including the big boss of Mutua Universal, Spain's third-largest workman´s-compensation insurer, are going on trial in Barcelona for embezzling €12 million from the National Health. Ah, the sweet smell of corruption that impregnates this city.

Barça lost a match against a mediocre team, so everybody wants to fire the coach. Typical immature reaction by the local media, who have nothing else to write about.

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