Thursday, November 22, 2007

Someone called me biased for not mentioning that the two Cataloony jerks who were fined for burning the King's photo whined afterwards about not being allowed to speak Catalan at trial. The reason is simple: I hadn't heard about it. If I had heard about it, I would have slammed these Cataloony jerks even harder, since the trial was held in Madrid before the National Court. Of course the judge refused to allow them to testify in Catalan, since judges in Madrid have no obligation to know Catalan. Madrid is not in Catalonia. Besides, the aforementioned jerks know Spanish perfectly well anyway, so it's not like they were put in unfair legal jeopardy by being tried in a language they didn't know.

I will add that if the evil cold heartless system had wanted to screw over these poor idealistic oppressed youths, the judge could have sent them to jail for fifteen months each. However, he decided to let them off with a fine.

Here's the story from El Periodico, with a photograph of the oppressed viotims of centralistic imperialism. Note the flags behind them as they give their impromptu press conference. The one on the left is the Catalan independentista flag.

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