Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sad NFL news. Washington safety Sean Taylor, one of the league's top defensive players, died after being shot two days ago in his Miami house in an apparent robbery. Taylor had been in trouble with the law, most notably for a 2005 gun incident, but reports said he had cleaned up his act. With the climate of off-the-field violence and lawbreaking that surrounds the NFL, guys with posses with guns, something like this was bound to happen sometime. (I don't doubt that Taylor was the completely innocent victim of this murder, but I will also bet that the robber was someone he knew.) The NFL is going to have to establish some kind of program to keep its guys out of bad company; the league is in serious trouble, after Michael Vick and Ray Lewis and Pacman Jones and Tank Johnson and Rae Carruth all got in major trouble with the law.

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