Saturday, November 17, 2007

Well, about a thousand squatters (who call themselves "anti-fascists") had themselves a big old riot in downtown Barcelona tonight--seven arrested, ten injured policemen. One of the cops was knocked out after being hit in the head with a flying rock or bottle, and is in the hospital.

I really do not understand why they do not arrest fifty or a hundred of these jerks every time they pull one of these stunts; it wouldn't be that hard. Then give them some massively unpleasant community service, like scouring out the sewers, since they're all breaking at least a dozen laws: holding an illegal demonstration, destruction of property, assault and battery, resisting arrest, and probably mopery as well.

Even progre-bobo TV3 called the scene outside the Interior department building on Via Laietana "especially violent," as the rioters hurled heavy objects at its façade. The cops guarding it outside had to retreat. They pretty much trashed all the shops along several streets, set up barricades, torched garbage skips, trashed parked vehicles, and generally had themselves a good old time.

I bet next time they have one of these riots the cops kick some tremendous ass. I can't believe they put up with this crap.

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