Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Not a whole lot of news. Maleni Alvarez, the PSOE minister of development, barely won a no-confidence vote in the Congress of Deputies with the support of the PSOE, of course, and the PNV. The PP, CiU, the Commies, and the Cataloonies all voted against her, and she squeaked through on a three-vote margin.

They arrested a 68-year-old serial-killing perv in France for 18 murders. Also in France, there's been more rioting in the Paris suburbs, and there are reports some of the rioters were packing guns.

The abortion clinics that were raided were aborting 32-week babies, which of course is infanticide, and everyone involved should be severely punished. By the way, a woman who aborts illegally in Spain can get up to a year in jail. The legal question now is related to the patients' right to medical privacy; it looks like they don't have one if a crime is suspected.

And get this: Jaume Roures, the boss of Mediapro, the production company behind the Barcelona Woody Allen movie (which is titled "Vicky Cristina Barcelona," one of the worst titles I've heard), has announced that Woody will not film again in Barcelona because of "too much mean (mezquino) pressure." Some say the pressure was over the government subsidies awarded to Allen's movie; others say the pressure came from Catalan nationalists.

Barça played a pretty good game last night in Lyon and drew 2-2 against Olympique, on a nice goal by Iniesta and a penalty on Messi that he converted. Barça has qualified for the next round in the Champions League, along with Manchester United, Roma, Inter Milan, Sevilla, and Arsenal.

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